Tabard Fabric Guard
Product Range
The Tabard range consists of 3 different product categories
Personal Insect Repellents
Trusted for up to 8 hours of relief from mosquitoes and most other insects
Active ingredient, Diethyltoluamide, commonly known as DEET is still one of the most effective and safest formulations Repels mosquitoes, flies, sand flies, fleas and ticks Handy, portable, convenient, quick and easy to apply, anywhere, any time Available in Lotion (50ml & 150 ml) and Aerosol (70g & 15g)
Citronella Candles
Selection of long-burning or decorative candles - 930g candle can last up to 100 hours
Insect repellent properties of Citronella Oil are well known and documented SABS approved and registered with SA Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Tabard candles are shaped for a consistent mix of Citronella into the air
New Tabard Fabric Guard is an insect repellent innovation worthy of Tabard’s brand heritage
Easy to spray on clothing and equipment (Aerosol, not pump action) Works effectively for months - wash after wash Reduces mosquito landings and blood feeding by up to 95% Tested locally and internationally - complies fully with regulatory standards Safe for humans, children and the environment Ideal for use on clothing, bedding, mattresses, mosquito nets, tents and camping equipment such as back-packs, etc.
Quality Standards
Tabard Fabric Guard meets global standards in product performance and its appearance communicates quality and reliability Attractive packaging, easy to understand directions, features & benefits with regulatory info and warnings clearly displayed Safe, non-invasive, multi-functional mosquito and insect repellent Specially formulated to prevent and reduce diseases caused by mosquito blood-feeding, such as malaria - manufactured to ISO 9001/2 Combined anti-mosquito and anti-bacterial protection, utilising nano technology to create a durable barrier against re-infestation
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