Introducing the Tabard brand

Tabard has been a top-selling insect repellent product for over 50 years

  • Originally introduced into South Africa by Shell in 1963
  • The Tabard brand was acquired by Acorn Products in 1969
  • Tabard products are manufactured by Acorn Pharmaceuticals in our own Medicines Control Council (MCC) accredited facility

Manufactured to the highest standards, Tabard has an excellent reputation for quality and efficacy

  • Originally distributed through pharmacies (1960’s and 70’s) it has retained a professional / medical brand personality, still inherent in its packaging 
  • Our personal insect repellents are registered as a schedule 0 medicine
  • Every product complies fully with regulatory requirements
  • The use of Tabard in malaria risk areas has been endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO)