About Us

Tabard UK Ltd is the sole agent in the distribution of all Tabard products in the UK and Europe.

Tabard UK Ltd was formed to conquer the rising infestation of mosquitoes and Midges to the UK with many outbreaks being reported in the media in many port, towns and rural areas it seemed right to expand our hugely successful business into the UK to combat the problem.

Tabard South Africa has been the leading brand of Insect repellent in all of Africa for over 50 Years so after all that time we know what we are dealing with and how to combat its infestation.

Tabard is the Most Trusted Brand of insect Repellent in Africa out Selling other Brands on a daily Basis Because of its unique way of repelling Mosquitoes and insects.

Tabard SA Employees from the local Townships in a hands on Environment, Teaching skills to all our staff.

Helping Give back to the community and spreading awareness of malaria.


Tabard UK Ltd

Desford Lodge
Church Road, Walpole St Peter

PE14 7NU  ---  Telephone: 07960 877796